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Astrological Chart Services

First-time Services

Chart Analysis and One Year Update - Call or e-mail for rates.

Two-hour Consultation
One hour of chart analysis and one hour to answer specific questions and update the chart for one year. The components and uses of the chart are explained. The analysis discusses each planetary position. Attention is given to psychological strengths and weaknesses, finances, home environment, career, health, social affairs, relationships and travel. The update focuses on trends and cycles for the coming year. The client learns how to best take advantage of cycles and avert obstacles. A 15-minute follow-up phone consultation is included.

Brief Chart Analysis and Six Month Update

One Hour Consultation
This reading gives an abbreviated analysis of the chart (see above) and focuses on questions and trends for the coming six months.

Half Hour Initial Reading
This reading focuses on the client's specific questions, with a look at the next three to four months. No analysis is included in this service.

Update Services

One-Year Update
Covers client questions plus trends for the coming year.

Six-month Update
Covers client questions plus trends for the next six months.

Timing Services

These services vary in length and are therefore billed according to how much time it takes the find the answer to the question. Many events such as surgery timing and real estate transactions can often be found within 30 minutes.

Event Timing: When is the best time to get married, put a house up for sale, have elective surgery performed, open a business?

If you are going to undertake something as significant as the above, which will have lasting impact on your life, it is best to time these events according to the best possible astrological influences. Kathryn will find the best time possible for you to enter into such critical ventures in your life.

Wedding date and time: You will need to provide the birth data of the partners in question. (Birth dates, times and places). Kathryn will find the best time compatible to both charts to help ensure a lasting marriage.

Putting a house or other property up for sale: You will need to provide the date you closed on the property in question, in addition to the seller's birth data. Kathryn will recommend the best date and time to sign a contract with a real estate agent and/or to place the "For Sale" sign on the property to ensure a swift sale at a reasonable price. If you have already placed your property on the market at a random time, you may be asked to remove that property from the market and place it back on the market at the appropriate time.

Time to open a business: You will need to provide the birth data of the owner or owners of the business. (If there is more than one owner, there is a small fee for each additional chart to be cast.) Also helpful is the date when the business license was issued. Kathryn will recommend the best time to officially announce the business as open.

Surgery Timing: You will need to provide the birth data of the person upon whom the surgery will be performed, the part of the body to be operated on and the days of the week when the surgeon is available. If your surgeon happens to be open-minded and is so willing, you might want to request the surgeon's birth date as well.

Fertility Cycles: You will need to provide the birth data of the woman in question. Please specify if you want to use your fertility cycles for purposes of birth control or for purposes of finding the best time to get pregnant.

If you are using your fertility cycles as a method of birth control, Kathryn will outline the times when you will need to abstain from unprotected sexual intercourse aside from standard periods of ovulation (2 weeks following the last menstrual cycle.)

If you are using your fertility cycles for purposes of conceiving a child, Kathryn will outline the recommended times to participate in sexual intercourse to help conceive a healthy child (and to conceive the desired gender, if applicable.) If you have a gender preference, please indicate which sex child you would like to conceive.

New Long-distance Services!

All services can be done long-distance -- by phone, digital download or CD-ROM. Recorded readings are usually scheduled for a three-week turnaround time and require an additional small fee to cover the cost of the CD and postage. Phone readings are booked according to schedule availability.

Data Needed For All Services

The birth date, time and place are needed to cast a chart.

Birth Date: Please write out the day, month and year. Example, November 1, 1999, rather than 11/1/99 or 1/11/99.

Birth time: Be sure to specify a.m. or p.m. The correct time of birth is important for an accurate chart. Suggested places to check for your birth time: your birth certificate, family records, such as family Bible or a Baby Book and relatives who may have been present or had knowledge of your birth time. If you do not know your exact birth time, and have no way of narrowing down your time, but know within a couple of hours, please indicate the time span within which you think you were born.

Birth place: City and State (Country, if outside the US.)

Once the chart is analyzed, it is often possible to narrow down the time of birth. For information on where to write for a copy of your birth certificate, contact me. I can tell you where to call or write, depending on your place of birth. Once you become a client, your chart remains on file for a period of five years.

How do I go about getting a reading?

To schedule a phone reading, simply e-mail Kathryn or call her at 770-310-0179. Make your payment on PayPal, and Kathryn will call or e-mail you to schedule a time for your appointment. Be prepared to provide birth date, time and place upon scheduling your phone appointment.

Feel free to include a list of questions along with your chart request. You may ask about one other person in relationship to yourself at no extra charge. Just include their birth day, month and year. Include their time of birth, if known. If you want to ask about more than one other person there is an additional small fee for each additional chart to be cast.

Fee: Check, money order or cash. Kathryn takes credit cards through PayPal.

Acceptance Mark

Gift certificates are available for all services.

All services are confidential.

My Client Referral Policy:

For as long as I have been in practice, it has been my belief and experience that the best form of advertisement is word-of-mouth referrals. Other than my Web site, I do not advertise. Since I rely upon you, my clients, for referrals, I feel it is only fair to give you credit for referring new clients.

My policy is as follows:

  • For every client you refer who books a one-hour reading, you receive a complimentary 10-minute session.
  • For every client you refer who books a two-hour reading, you receive a complimentary 20-minute session.
  • For every person you refer who takes one of my classes, you receive a complimentary 15-minute session.

You can accrue time and use it in any way you prefer: either as a consultation for yourself, or as a gift certificate for someone else.

This is the best way I know to say “Thank You!” for appreciating my work.


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