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For Professional Event Planners


If you are looking for an alternative form of entertainment for your corporate clients, bring Kathryn to spice things up. Here is a list of just a few ways to utilize Kathryn’s talents:

Increase traffic to your clients’ trade booth:

Having a professional astrologer on-site at your booth is a great way to attract traffic and say thank you to your customers. It gives them an opportunity to rest their feet while they garner valuable information that they can use throughout the coming months.

Provide unique entertainment for hospitality suites:

A good way to entice your customers to your hospitality suite is to provide them with an on-the-spot reading from a qualified professional astrologer. The chances are that your customers rarely have the opportunity to sit down with a professional astrologer for a forecast. So here is their chance, and it’s something they’ll talk about long after your trade show has ended.

Is your corporate client looking for a unique form of entertainment for a product launch, a rewards event, a charity function, a corporate picnic, a convention or other type of marketing event or promotion?

Kathryn’s talents fit the bill.

Looking for a light-hearted, upbeat speech to inspire your sales staff? Kathryn can give a humorous look at what’s in store for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac for the year ahead. They’ll listen not just for information about themselves but also for people close to them.

For private events:

Whether your client is hosting a bachelorette party, wedding party, rehearsal dinner, baby shower, office party, class reunion, retirement party, graduation, grand opening, fashion show, banquet, holiday party or family reunion, Kathryn will provide on-the-spot readings for the attendees.

Hourly Fee: Call 770-310-0179 or e-mail for quote.


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Kathryn L. Silverton
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