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Mercury Retrograde

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
~~ Ecclesiastes 3

Mercury Retrograde April/May 2017

Yes, it's already that time of year again. Here are the important dates surrounding this cycle:

March 27 ­ Mercury enters shadow

      Part One: April 9-20 ­ Mercury is retrograde in Taurus
      Part Two: April 21-May 2 ­ Mercury is retrograde in Aries

May 3 ­ Mercury goes direct at 24 degrees of Aries

May 21 ­ Mercury leaves his shadow

For those of you who are new to Mercury retrograde, you can always read up on the ins and outs through my website. Basically, it's a time to watch communications and the transfer of objects and ideas from one point to another. Logistical glitches tend to be more likely during such a time and often times, things have to be postponed or done over again.

This Mercury retrograde will involve two signs of the zodiac, Aries and Taurus. In many ways, these two signs are vastly different in temperament. Aries is quick to pull the trigger, impulsive and headstrong. Taurus is deliberate, gradual, slow but sure. The distinction between the two is critical.

March 27-31
As soon as Mercury enters its shadow on March 27, if not a few days before, and up until the end of March, we can expect to see signs that some plans recently initiated are not going to come to fruition. If you're getting these indicators during this timeframe, the chances are that they hit you suddenly and right between the eyes. Watch impulses, especially when it comes to blurting out ideas that have yet to be sent through a mental filter. If not, you may regret shooting first and asking questions later.

April 1-8
During this time, Mercury will still be in his shadow but will now be in the sign of Taurus. If logistical issues are going to arise, they will be slow but sure. It may feel as though things could be grinding to a halt.

April 9-20
Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus. This is a cycle akin to “a watched pot never boils.” You feel as though you're standing in line but the line is going backward rather than forward. The key to this time is being patient. It feels like things take much longer than they should. It's sort of like slow motion and in reverse. You have to backtrack slowly and deliberately before you can make headway. Another analogy is that you're stuck at a railroad crossing and there's no way to turn around and scoot around it.

April 21-May 2
Mercury is now retrograde and in the sign of Aries. As with the late March timeframe, it will be those impulses that you'll need to watch. Think first before speaking and taking action. There is a temptation to be in a hurry-up mode and that can actually work against you. You're stuck at that railroad crossing and decide to try to go around, only to find that it would have been quicker if you had just had a little patience. So watch what you do on the fly ­ that’s where you'll get nabbed. Pay attention to your head and to whoever is at the head of line. Double-check who or whatever is at the head of things. Just because they're the big cheese, doesn't mean they're correct, especially if they are acting on impulse or anger.

May 3-16
Mercury is now direct and in Aries. Momentum picks back up very quickly. The difference will be night and day. It's almost as if someone decided to wake up and flip the “on” switch. Things seem to be moving forward at a rapid pace, and there may be the need to do some damage control based on what happened in April.

May 17-21
Mercury is in Taurus but hasn't quite left the shadow. Some things trickle in that are a nagging reminder of the last retrograde, but a slow and steady pace will resolve the issues.

Mercury Retrograde for each sign of the zodiac

To get a generic glimpse as to how this cycle will affect you, please read below. It's fine to read not just your sun sign but also your rising sign. If you don't know your rising sign, ask me.

Aries Part One: April 9-20
Pay attention to your budget and money in general. Anything that is or represents money, such as a debit or credit card, can be vulnerable. Go over receipts and statements and don't be surprised if you have to sift through old financial documents. Exercise patience when making financial decisions.

Aries Part Two: April 21-May 2
Watch day-to-day logistics as well as how you express yourself. You may be convinced that you're speaking logically and coherently, but others may not get what you're saying or thinking. You may need to slow down to get your point across. You could also be rethinking your own personal directions.

Taurus Part One: April 9-20
Do your best to communicate in a very deliberate, slow but sure pace. Others may look at you as if you're a bit off, but it's better than being misunderstood. Be careful when driving in reverse. If you're feeling unsure about impending decisions, you may not have all the appropriate data to make a move.

Taurus Part Two: April 21-May 2
You may be better off keeping your ideas to yourself, especially if they're half-baked. Give yourself time to think things through and let your spirit guides do a lot of the talking. Going off on your own for a spell is advisable, especially if you can be out in the warmth of the sun.

Gemini Part One: April 9-20
This is a good time for you to retreat, especially to a place that is earthy or woodsy. Commune with nature and immerse yourself in the tactile world. Give yourself time to think things through. Rome wasn't build overnight.

Gemini Part Two: April 21-May 2
Reconnect with friends and social circles. Revisit causes that have been near and dear to you. It's a good time to see if there's been a change in the economic picture. Friends from your past may suddenly reappear. If you're longing to reconnect, take the initiative. The chances are they'll be glad you reached out.

Cancer Part One: April 9-20
Reconnect with friends who have been a sort of rock in your life. Those steadfast relationships hold tremendous value and are worthy of a second look. Social circles that offered a sense of security and stability may be in the process of regrouping. See if you still fit in.

Cancer Part Two: April 21-May 2
Communication with decision-makers could be problematic. They may be curt; perhaps they are AWOL or not in a good position to share their ideas. You may be left to your own devices. Rethink the messages you're attempting to get across and take your time finding the correct wording.

Leo Part One: April 9-20
Bosses are slow to make decisions and may be caught up in budgetary issues. You could be in the process of rethinking your professional role. Be patient and deliberate in your communication with bosses and decision makers. Having concrete evidence will help your cause tremendously.

Leo Part Two: April 21-May 2
This is a great time to reconnect with people who are at a geographical distance from you or with people from your college years. It's also a good time to revisit what you learned back in those days. A brush-up course is timely. The information will come back quickly.

Virgo Part One: April 9-20
The grass appears greener on the other side. This is a great time to reconnect with people at a distance who have been with you through thick and thin. This too, is a time for you to revisit scholastic years and data you accumulated throughout the course of studies. Be patient for it all to come rushing back.

Virgo Part Two: April 21-May 2
Are you having recurring dreams or hunches that seem to hit you suddenly? Take quick note of these thoughts and impressions. You may be ahead of the game in comparison to others, simply by heeding those hunches. One specific adjustment of a will or insurance coverage may be timely.

Libra Part One: April 9-20
This is a perfect time to review insurance coverage as well as any debts that are outstanding. Perhaps a restructuring of terms is in order. And if you have kept a dream diary, go back and reread entries. You may be pleasantly surprised by how timely some of those insights will be for you now.

Libra Part Two: April 21-May 2
Communication between you and partners could be impacted. Partners may not be particularly forthcoming, perhaps because they are in a mental holding pattern. Contracts that are in the making will likely require a few revisions before they are suitable for signing on the dotted line.

Scorpio Part One: April 9-20
Partners appear to be entrenched in their thinking and may be resistant to revisiting topics that you'd like to discuss. Some gentle prodding may be in order. The financial aspects of contracts could be sticking points that delay progress. Be patient in allowing the other side to reconfigure their numbers.

Scorpio Part Two: April 21-May 2
Past health issues may require your attention. Perhaps an old issue is rearing its head or previous fixes may need to be re-implemented. Monitor your communication with co-workers. If one or both of you are in a hurry, you could miss some important points that fly by without notice.

Sagittarius Part One: April 9-20
Are there some entrenched health patterns that need re-evaluation? If so, now is the time to examine them. Any changes that need to be made should be done in a very deliberate, slow but sure fashion. Monitor blood sugar and your intake of sweets. Co-workers may be slow to offer assistance.

Sagittarius Part Two: April 21-May 2
Romantic relationships from yesteryear have a good chance of resurfacing. Give these folks another look. They may come back around rather forcefully. Give them credit for their initiative. And if you have a hobby that fizzled out a while back due to a lack of momentum, you may find the enthusiasm re-emerging.

Capricorn Part One: April 9-20
This is a good time to review projects currently in the making. There may be some practical details that require reworking. Take your time putting the pieces back together. And you, too, may find old flames from the past knocking on your door. The chances are that they are reliable and dependable.

Capricorn Part Two: April 21-May 2
Watch for mechanical glitches in the home, especially when it comes to machinery that generates heat. Watch for overheating and bursts of heat, flames or hot air. And when it comes to communicating with family members, slow down in order to get your point across or when listening to what others have to say.

Aquarius Part One: April 9-20
Watch for mechanical problems in the home, especially for things to get stuck in place. It may be difficult to make adjustments to fixed objects. Family members may be particularly stuck in their ways and resistant to hearing alternatives. Be patient when listening to them. Repeating back will help them hear themselves more clearly.

Aquarius Part Two: April 21-May 2
This is a fitting time to drive as defensively as possible. The people around you are likely to be in too big of a hurry and very impatient. Watch for impulsive moves on their part, especially in parking lots ore where people drive in reverse. If you have a literary bent, this is a time to rewrite and edit your works.

Pisces Part One: April 9-20
There are some geographical locations in your periphery that could use a second visit. Perhaps the aesthetics have changed, making it more appealing than the last time you ventured in that direction. Reconnect with siblings and hear them out if there's something stuck in their craw.

Pisces Part Two: April 21-May 2
Pay close attention to your budget and how you spend your money, especially when it comes to impulsive decisions. If you make a move now without a lot of forethought, your decisions could come back to bite you. Ask yourself if this is a momentary urge or one that will have a lasting impact.

For the record, the next Mercury retrogrades will be as follows:

July 25 ­ Mercury enters shadow

August 13 ­ Mercury goes retrograde at 11 degrees of Virgo

September 1 ­ Mercury enters Leo

September 4 ­ Mercury goes direct

September 19 ­ Mercury leaves shadow

November 15 ­ Mercury enters shadow

December 3 ­ Mercury goes retrograde at 29 degrees of Sagittarius

December 23 ­ Mercury goes direct

January 11, 2018 ­ Mercury leaves shadow



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