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Mercury Retrograde

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
~~ Ecclesiastes 3

Mercury Retrograde August/September 2017

Yes, it's already that time of year again. Here are the important dates surrounding this cycle:

July 24: Mercury enters shadow

August 13: Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo (Part 1)

September 1: Mercury enters Leo (Part 2)

September 5: Mercury goes direct

September 19: Mercury leaves shadow


The Scoop:

As always, there are pluses and minuses to every planetary cycle. As many of you know, Mercury retrograde is a fine time to connect with your past, to edit and fine projects that are already in the works, and to hear from people from yesteryear. Logistically speaking, it's a time to watch for glitches, especially when it comes to transportation and communication. Mercury, the messenger god, is the planet associated with making connections. And when he goes backward, those connections have a tendency to break down.

More in-depth information on Mercury retrograde

So, watch how and what you communicate and do your best to verify details before acting on them. This is especially true this go-around since Mercury will be going retrograde in Virgo, the sign most commonly associated with those nitty-gritty details. Double-check for accuracy, even if it seems redundant.

Among other things, Virgo is associated with health and technical matters. On a national level, this cycle may the best hope that Congress has of reworking health care legislation and getting something passed once Mercury is direct in September. Time will tell.

Part 1:
If you know anything about your astrological chart, here is what to look for. If you have planets in the first 11 degrees of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you may find this to be a constructive/productive time for you. Going back and reworking projects should work to your benefit. Reach out to people who are equally grounded as yourself and you should be in good shape.

If you have planets in the first 11 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces, you may find this cycle to be a bit frustrating. Circumstances may force you to be pinned down more than you prefer. This is a time to deal directly with the pure and simple facts, not beliefs, fantasies or gossip.

Part 2:
As you can see, the second part of this cycle is very brief. Mercury backtracks into the last couple of degrees of Leo before moving direct. So if you have planets at the last couple of degrees of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius, you'll find this to be a good time for decisions to be made that will have a significant impact on you – for the better. What's most important during the phase is to communicate with honestly and from the heart. Those who try to tippy-toe around the truth may find this to be a dangerous tactic.

If you have planets at 28 or 29 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius, appreciate that decisions made during this time and just as Mercury goes direct, are very much engraved in stone and are not likely to be undone. People are likely to stick to their guns as easily as you cling to yours.


Part 1:
Pay close attention to health matters. A minor issue from the past could come back to haunt you. It's possible that a redo of medical tests is recommended or that you need to revisit how you address medical issues or your daily routine in general.

This is also a good time to pay attention to the expertise of your co-workers. You may find that they have an in-depth body of knowledge that serves you all very well. Feel free to tap into that font of information.

Part 2:
A romantic partner from your past is apt to come knocking on your door. Their motives are likely to be honorable, so listen carefully.


Part 1:
This is a great time for you to revisit creative projects as well as romance. On the creative side, look at the little touches. If something just doesn't seem to quite fit, go back and try other options on for size until you feel as though you've truly stumbled on as close to a perfect fit as you can muster. In romance, look at the little issues that may have caused friction. How important are they really and is there some room for compromise?

Part 2:
Expect things around the home to require some fixing. They may not be major problems, but even though they are minor, they still need attention. Heat-producing appliances are a bit more likely to be problematic.


Part 1:
Despite your preference for being out and about and exercising your social butterfly ways, this cycle could require you to spend additional time near or in your home. Repair projects may be in order or technical glitches may tend to occur in unwelcome regularity. Although these may not be major repairs costing lots of cash, they are still necessary in order for things to run smoother at home.

Part 2:
Focus on literary projects. Perhaps, there are different ways of expressing yourself that will result in a more dramatic impact. Clarify possible misunderstandings with siblings or neighbors.


Part 1:
This is a perfect time for soaking up highly specialized or technical information. Fine-tune those writing and speaking skills and take time to edit any literary projects hitting you right in the face. If you have areas of disagreement with siblings, step back and ask yourself how important these issues really are.

Part 2:
Financial dilemmas arise requiring you to make bold decisions. Caution against spending money as a way to reward yourself.


Part 1:
This cycle is all about your budget and how you spend and earn money. Perhaps a new approach to your budget is in order, because of little changes that have recently taken place. Ask for expert assistance in areas where you may be lacking experience. There's no shame in admitting ignorance.

Part 2:
You feel as though you're on the fence when it comes to making personal decisions. If it's nothing urgent, your best bet is probably to wait a few days after Mercury moves direct to make the plunge.


Part 1:
With Mercury retrograde in your own sign, you could be hesitant about how you express yourself and how you come across to others. You could easily be your own worst enemy, with expectations that go above and beyond the norm. Go easy on yourself.

Part 2;
Take time to sit back and reflect. Allow your inner voices time to speak and by all means listen. It might be time for a good pep talk with yourself and your guardian angels.


Part 1:
One facet of your sign is the tendency to vacillate. Fairness is very important to you and right now that very issue may pose a bit of a conundrum. This is an ideal time to go into hiding, lay all the facts out on the table and give yourself ample time to ponder them all, and how they fit into place. And if you're beating yourself over the fact that you aren't perfect, just ask yourself, who is?

Part 2: Loyal friends are ready to reach out to you. Have a heart-to-heart and if need be, clear the air. It's a great time to communicate with honor.


Part 1:
It's time to examine exactly where you can be most effective in your service to the outside world. An adjustment is timely when it comes to the social circles with which you are involved. Perhaps it's time to return to old stomping grounds. Where can your expertise be of the most good?

Part 2:
Decision-makers may seem to take credit where credit may not necessarily be due. It could be an ego thing, in which case it's probably best to leave well enough alone and let this die down. It's not important enough to make a fuss.


Part 1:
This may not be the easiest time to connect with bosses or decision-makers. They may be unresponsive or perhaps are not yet in a position of having enough facts to make informed decisions. You may be required to temporarily take on a different role. This could be a mini test of your expertise.

Part 2:
Reconnect with people from your college years or with people who are scattered about geographically speaking. Review old notes and take a brush up course, if fitting.


Part 1:
There are a couple of ways in which this cycle can play out for you. It can be a fitting time to revisit places at a considerable distance from your normal stomping grounds, but places that still have a ring of familiarity about them. Or, you may find yourself reconnecting with your college years. Take good notes.

Part 2:
It may take a while for others to open up about things that are highly personal and heartfelt. Be patient. Let them reveal their hand in their own good time.


Part 1:
Use this time to review such things as insurance coverage and loan documentation as well as any matters related to inheritances. If your will needs adjusting, get those details on paper. Jot down details of dreams that stand out.

Part 2:
Communication between you and partners could stall out temporarily. Perhaps your counterparts need a bit more time to come to a clear decision. Give them the time they need to decide with integrity.


Part 1:
This is not the best time for entering into legal agreements, however it is very fitting for ironing out the loose ends that require some tweaking. Allow experts to serve on your behalf. Exercise caution when you feel tempted to be hypercritical of your partners. You may be seeing something in them that reminds yourself of you.

Part 2:
Co-workers may need to come clean with how they feel. Honor their feelings and give them credit for the guts to lay their cards out on the table.


For the record, the next Mercury retrograde will be as follows:

November 15 ­ Mercury enters shadow

December 3 ­ Mercury goes retrograde at 29 degrees of Sagittarius

December 23 ­ Mercury goes direct

January 11, 2018 ­ Mercury leaves shadow



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