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Mercury Retrograde

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.
~~ Ecclesiastes 3

Mercury Retrograde March/April 2018


Here are the dates to note:

March 9: Mercury goes into its shadow

March 23: Mercury goes retrograde at 16 degrees of Aries

April 15: Mercury goes direct at 4 degrees of Aries

May 3: Mercury leaves its shadow

This retrograde will take place solely in the sign of Aries. As you may recall, a retrograde is a better time to take a look back at your past and follow up on any items or projects from there. Typically, a retrograde is not the best time to start something new, as there are likely to be snags or delays. Since Aries does represent beginnings and getting ahead of the game, there will be a temptation to act spontaneously, possibly without all the relevant information to make a well-advised decision. Rather than indulge the temptation to jump forward, this is a better time to make sure you've taken care of little details involving something new that has already been in the works. If you have something you are planning to start in the near future, this is a prime time to take a step back and make sure you've done all your due diligence before taking the plunge. Mercury is associated with information, documentation and communication. So be sure you have all your facts and details in order. Once Mercury goes forward, generically speaking, you're good to go.

In summation, this is NOT a time to shoot first and ask questions later.

April 4 and 5 will be particularly difficult days, as that is when Mercury will be creating a square to Saturn. There may be exceptional delays during that time. Also, large businesses and government entities may have difficulty communicating their message. Or, there may be impulsively made decisions or announcements that may have to be walked back down the road.

Below, please find information on how this retrograde may impact you, from a strictly generic, sun sign perspective. For more in-depth analysis of the specifics in your own chart, you're well advised to consult your friendly astrologer.

More in-depth information on Mercury retrograde


With Mercury going retrograde in your own sign, it may be tricky to avoid the impact of this cycle. You rams are accustomed to taking action on the spur of the moment, feeling comfortable taking charge and doing your own thing. You might want to monitor this facet of your nature during this cycle, since you may be going off half-cocked, perhaps without realizing it. What may feel or sound good at the moment may not necessarily be in your best interest over time. The allure of the moment can wear off very quickly.

Pay close attention to your communications, the state and safety of your vehicle, and all aspects of the digital world. Digital devices may create problems or glitches, especially if you're in a hurry-up mode. Be sure you make backups on a regular basis and have at least one spare charger with you at all times.


You folks are better served by giving yourself time to mull things over. This may best be done in isolation since the retrograde will take place in your solar 12th house. A place that is warm and sunny is optimum. Because of the Aries nature of this retrograde, the chances are that you need little bursts of time to reflect. Give yourself time to digest past experiences. You may be contemplating how things worked out when you took initiative. Consider how these insights can help you prepare for new initiatives you envision yourself taking in the near future, preferably after Mercury has gone direct. Despite your tendency to take the slow-but-sure approach, give plenty of attention to ideas that pop up out of the blue.


Being ruled by Mercury, you're well-advised to take note any time this planet goes retrograde. This time around, it will take place in your solar 11th house, making it a great time to reconnect with friends or colleagues from your past. A light bulb might come on in your mind, encouraging you to touch base with a particular individual. It's a good idea to heed this temptation. You may find the process of reconnecting to be a rewarding one.

This is also a good time to revisit groups or organizations with which you've had past connections. You may find areas of interest that are once again piquing your curiosity. Go ahead and explore how you might want to recommit down the road, especially if there's an area where you can help others take initiative.

One word of warning for you during the cycle: Be careful you don't open your mouth and insert your foot when it comes to dealing with friends. First, ask yourself if they are soliciting your advice. You may be tempted to get a little bossy and then wish you had dialled it back a notch or two.


This retrograde will take place in your solar 10th house, which rules your profession, your status as well as bosses and authority figures. Aries and Cancer are not particularly compatible with each other because Aries can be very straightforward and abrupt, whereas Cancer prefers a gentle, nurturing approach.

Expect bosses and others to whom you must answer, to be quick in their responses and not particularly concerned about coming across with the warm fuzzies. They may be more concerned about themselves and their leadership roles than your issues. Don't take this personally – it's just the way things are for the moment. And don't be surprised if, at times, these people in charge are not available to you or delay getting back to you. Just go about your business and patiently await their impulse to get back in touch. Bugging them won't help. One knock on the door is sufficient.


Typically, travelling can get a bit dicey during a retrograde, but this particular one takes place in your solar 9th house of long-distance journeys, and it's in the fellow fire sign of Aries. So, you might be able to skate on through with travelling this time around, perhaps with a minor, singular glitch. If you play your cards right and plan ahead, you could end up at the beginning of a line, which is certainly a nice place to be.

There are a few other nice applications of this cycle. It's a great time to brush up on fields of knowledge you studied a long time ago, even more so if you feel like you need to get ahead of the current learning curve. Or, this cycle could prove useful for a crash course in a foreign language.

If you've been to college, this is a fine time to reconnect with your scholastic friends. And if you have contacts at a considerable distance, especially in foreign countries, this is an ideal time for a reunion.


You, along with the sign of Gemini, are ruled by our friend Mercury, so it would behove you to take note. Since this go-around impacts your solar 8th house, pay attention to such things as loans, insurance matters, inheritance issues and jointly held resources or property. If you have an insurance claim in the works or a will is being probated, it might be a good time to make a pest out of yourself and double-check on the progress. There's no harm in trying to get ahead, especially if there seems to have been a delay. Taking the initiative might very well light the fire under others and help speed up the process somewhat. It's best if you can deal with a singular individual in this case, just to keep things simple.

Regarding loans, if you've applied for one already, this may be the time to check to make sure all the needed documents have been filed. If you're thinking about applying, use this time to do your homework and then apply once Mercury is direct, if you have the luxury of waiting.

Another good use of this cycle is digging into deep-rooted, subconscious areas of your life. If you've seen a counselor in the past, it would be helpful to go back and review topics that were addressed. Those notes might come in handy soon by providing ideas as to how to take initiative in the near future.


This retrograde takes place in your solar 7th house, which is the house of partnerships, legal matters and interpersonal relationships. If you are in any type of a relationship, this is a good time to watch how you and your counterparts are communicating with one another. On the plus side, this can be a time to quickly nip an issue in the bud, especially if it's a singular matter that has arisen spontaneously. The trick is to be firm and get ahead of the game. You already know how to be diplomatic. Letting someone know that you're looking ahead is important. And be aware of the folks on the other side of the table being in a deal primarily for themselves. Aries can be very self-centered, whereas you are more willing to strike a compromise. So if there's a deal on the table and it looks to favor the other guy, act swiftly to bring this to a halt. This is NOT the time to enter into contracts or agreements on an impulsive basis.

In relationships, the other person may need time to sort things out for themselves and therefore may not be ready to move forward just yet. If that is the case, give them time. They should come around once Mercury is direct.

It's also possible that contracts from the past need to be dug up and reviewed. If so, jump on it. Time is of the essence.


With your solar 6th house in play, several arenas beckon your attention. One of those is your health. This may not be the best time to undergo medical tests, especially if they are being done on the fly. Errors can easily arise, requiring a do-over. If you have no choice but to have them done now, don't be shocked if the results are inconclusive and have to be done again.

You may be more prone to problems with your head and face. So be sure to look where you're going – look up, ahead and behind you. If you can avoid banging your head unnecessarily, that would be a good thing. If you see something untoward coming at your face, remember to duck!

Pay attention to heat and hot objects. You may be more susceptible to burns.

With impulsiveness is in the air, you might temporarily switch up your daily routine. If it's still working for you by the time Mercury goes direct, you might stick with it.

This cycle can also impact your relationship with co-workers. Be patient in your communication with one another and don't be surprised if someone verbally flies off the handle. It may just be a temper problem. Be sure you and your co-workers are on the same page and be prepared for last-minute schedule changes.


Since this retrograde takes place in a fellow fire sign, this cycle may very well work to your benefit. Projects that you initiated some time ago but never quite completed are now ripe for re-examination. Or, if there's an idea that you stumbled upon some time back but didn't pursue, give it more than a second thought. The nature of these projects or ideas is playful and creative, so it's not like you have to work yourself into a disciplined frenzy in order to make it happen. Let your heart speak and follow your passions.

This is also a great time to revisit an old flame. Perhaps a romance from yesteryear is coming back into your awareness. Although it may not be the time to rekindle the flame, it is certainly fitting to touch base and catch up. This may be a good reminder of how to move forward in current relationships.

If you have children or are involved with them, this is a great time to help them put their initiative to work. Encourage their spontaneity, possibly applying tools from your own childhood.


Being a Saturn-ruled sign, you tend to operate better when there is a game plan involved and a sense of structure. Acting on the spur of the moment isn't necessarily your strong suit, unless it's something you've planned for. This retrograde will be a good test of your flexibility and willingness to roll with the punches. Of particular significance will be activities taking place in and around your home. Family plans may change at the last minute, requiring you to adjust your modus operandi.

On a practical level, be on the lookout for a mechanical glitch or two in the home. Appliances or anything with a computer chip within, are likely to encounter problems. Pay closer attention to objects that create heat or become overheated. The good news is that since Aries is a singular sign, the problem may be limited to a singular item.

It is also recommended that you monitor how you communicate with family members. There could be some crossed wires or your agenda might not exactly gel with the plans of others. Getting pushy and bossy over something may seem like a good idea at the time, but is likely to have repercussions.

The late evening hour will be most productive for re-thinking and is best done alone.


This retrograde will take place in your solar 3rd house, which is a Mercury-ruled house. So, even though it isn't necessarily hitting planets in your chart, it will still act as though the classic symptoms of a retrograde are ripe for the picking.

There are several potential applications to this cycle, starting with your communication skills in general. There may be a temptation to blurt out ideas in a spontaneous fashion as if a light bulb just went off in your head. It might be wise to slow yourself down a notch. Perhaps jotting ideas down for later review is in order. Going off half-cocked is a bit of a danger at this time, so exercise some patience. When communicating with siblings are neighbors, you may find that you're able to light the fire under these folks, possibly as a result of a pure impulse on your part.

You may encounter technical or mechanical glitches both in writing, speaking and in short-distance journeys. Look before you charge ahead or drive in reverse. This is not the best time to attempt to beat the clock. This is, however, a great time to pull out inspirational literature, in case you need a bit of self-motivation.


Money, money, money. There's where your attention will be directed during this cycle. Watch any and all financial transactions, as they are subject to glitches. There may be mistakes made during the course of these exchanges, or anything that is or represents money could be subject to problems. So keep close track of your cash, your debit or credit cards, and checks. Monitor financial statements, hold on to receipts and do your best to avoid major purchases unless you have no choice. If the latter is the case, do your homework ahead of time. Guard against making overly impulsive decisions that might come back to bite you. You may be required or compelled to pull out financial documents from long ago, making you feel grateful that you have them stashed away. This is also a great time to re-evaluate your own worth. If you feel like it's time for a raise, exercise your due diligence to get some perspective on how marketable your skills are.

Congratulations for making it all the way through the end of this missive. Your reward comes in the form of a reminder of the next retrograde cycle after this one:

July 8: Mercury enters its shadow

July 26: Mercury goes retrograde in Leo

August 19: Mercury goes direct in Leo

September 2: Mercury leaves its shadow


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